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    Celtic Current Events — irish comfort foods

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    Irish Comfort Food

    Winter isn't over just yet, and in the chilly months nothing beats comfort foods. In America we love our spicy rich chili, mashed potatoes, and of course macaroni and cheese in all its glorious incarnations. While we all have our favorites, sometimes we need to branch out (there's only so much macaroni and cheese you can eat), at the Celtic Ranch we recommend Irish comfort foods. There's a comforting simplicity to many traditional Irish dishes, which often include rich blends of spices, root vegetables, meats, and the ultimate comfort food for many of us: the potato. We've compiled a list of some Irish delicacies, and included the links to the recipes. Nothing says "Irish comfort food" like stew. We're especially fond of any stew that includes a good stout, as many of them do. This recipe calls for garlic potatoes, we also suggest Colcannon potatoes, for a delicious variation. Our thanks to Damn Delicious for the recipe. Previously we mentioned Colcannon, for those of you who have been at Celtic Ranch when we've had food, chances are good you've had this delicacy. The combination of potatoes and cabbage make this a really Irish dish, and one that is a favorite of all us ranchers. Recipe courtesy of Simply Recipes.  Coddle. Just the name implies comfort and indulgence, the best parts of Irish comfort foods! This combination of sausage, bacon, and potatoes makes for a robust almost soup like dish, served hot on a winters day with soda bread and a stout it's like a blanket for your tummy! Recipe from Epicurious. We can't leave off Shepherd's Pie, with its mashed potato top and savory flavors you'll have a warm glow inside and out. This recipe calls for spinach, which adds a delightful bit of iron for cold days.  Our thanks to Delish for this recipe. Soda bread is a popular addition to the meals listed above, it's a great way to sop up the liquids from a stew or coddle as well as an excellent vehicle for butter (as are most things). It's a simple bread to make, requiring no rising and few ingredients. One of our favorites around the ranch. (For those of you interested in bringing us baked goods). Recipe courtesy of Kerrygold USA. Now that we have some basic Irish comfort food covered, let's move on to dessert. We recommend our famous Celtic Ranch Stout Brownies. Rich chocolatey brownies, with a whiskey fudge topping are a delightful way to stave off winter doldrums, since chocolate releases endorphins in the brain to give you a sense of well-being, as well as containing anti-oxidents to help maintain your physical health. It's practically a vitamin! Of course, nothing is more comforting in winter than a hot toddy. We've found a traditional  Irish recipe that's guaranteed to warm those bones. This is slightly different than its American counterparts, we find it very satisfying. To pick up your favorite whiskey, visit the store, or to find you favorite whiskey attend one of our whiskey tastings. Hot toddy recipe courtesy of Allrecipes UK. All in all, no one does comfort food like the Irish, so fix yourself a hot toddy, get in your kitchen, and make yourself a warm up. Spring will be here soon enough, for now enjoy a little comfort.