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    Celtic Current Events — whiskey cowgirl

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    Terry Kast, heart and soul of the Celtic Ranch

    Terry Kast, Equestrian
     You may be wondering exactly what IS a Celtic Ranch? Do we raise horses? Sheep? Leprechauns?
    The Celtic Ranch is a lifestyle, born of a woman's love of Ireland and devotion to horses. Our founder, Terry Kast, longtime horsewoman, visited Ireland to get in touch with her roots and explore the Emerald Isle, particularly Sligo, land of her ancestors. Long story short, it was love at first sight! She came home and found herself filled with a longing for  Ireland, a place she realized made her spirit feel as peaceful and free as riding her horse (see the ranch connection?).
    Her first love was horsemanship, she won many awards, was a rodeo queen, and a trick rider (there's a picture in our store of her upside down on a horse). She still can do the trick riding, she says "but not on purpose". She keeps horses in a glorious barn at her home and rides as often as she can. She's also a dog lover, with several dogs including two Jack Russell Terriers, a mixed breed, and Two Anatolian Shepherds. Ireland is Terry's heart and soul. Her devotion to Celtic history, craftsmanship, and Ireland's special magic has led her to create this one-of-a-kind experience to share with you.Terry considers everyone who walks through the doors of the Celtic Ranch to be not only a customer, but a friend, so most days you'll find her doing her favorite "job" of educating shoppers on the products in the store, or discussing the pros and cons of the different Irish whiskeys and Scotchs we sell. Her knowledge of Irish whiskey and Scotch led her to create "Whiskey Cowgirl" videos which are a must for anyone interested in furthering their education of whiskey, while being entertained by Terry's spunky personality.
    Terry has a passion for her fierce and noble ancestors. Her warrior spirit and cowgirl sensibilities make her truly an experience unto herself, stop by the store and say hello, grab a cup of tea, and meet our own Celtic Warrior/Whiskey Cowgirl. You'll be better for it.