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Connemara Fleck Irish Wool Socks

SKU 106894.5
Color: Blue Fleck

Connemara Irish Wool Socks

These Connemara Wool Blend Socks are a quality Irish Wool Sock Made in Ireland with 60% pure new wool. These wonderfully soft, unisex socks are great for skiing, skating, hiking, or just sitting in front of a cozy fire. You'll love the comfort and warmth that only a real wool sock can offer. Available in choice of colors. The socks are made by a small family business in the Connemara region of Ireland.
  • Made in Ireland with 60% Pure New Wool
  • Wonderfully soft and warm socks for both men and women
  • Great for skiing, skating, hiking, working or just sitting in front of a cozy fire
  • You’ll love the comfort and warmth that only a real wool sock can offer
  • Available in a wide range of beautiful colors for every walk of your life

Material - 60% Pure New Wool, 20% Viscose and 20% Nylon

Care Instructions

  • Wash in the gentle cycle in cold water and these socks will maintain their size and softness providing years of comfort and warmth!

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
I received a pair of these socks as a gift ...

I received a pair of these socks as a gift when my son went to Ireland and had to have more!!!
(Verified Amazon Customer Review 2/13/2018)

Deanna M. Myers
Shipped fast! Exceptional quality! Will definitely buy again!

Fit and wear exceptionally well! Very warm and comfortable! I wear these everyday in very cold weather for extended periods of time!
(Verified Amazon Customer Review 1/28/2018)

Five Stars

My fathers favorite wool socks.
(Verified Amazon Customer Review 6/19/2018)

Humphrey Dubois
Excellent Irish wool socks

Bought these for my daughter. She loves them. They are comfortable and well-made.
(Verified Amazon Customer Review 3/6/2018)

Norma Lee
No toe bump, fit great, soft socks

These are the best socks I’ve been able to find in years. The fit is perfect, the toe is knitted in so there is no ridge, and the wool blend is actually mostly wool. They are cozy and warm when it’s cool, but great for wearing with walking shoes, even here in Florida—nothing works as well for “wicking” as wool. They stay up without having an annoyingly tight elastic band at the top, too. They are expensive, but well worth the investment for the health of your feet. I air dry them (they dry surprisingly fast) and hope they’ll last forever, Love them!
(Verified Amazon Customer Review 2/18/2018)

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