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    Hats & Caps - Irish Stories Woven to Wear

    The Celtic Ranch curates the finest quality handmade men's Irish hats and caps.  Find your choice of a wool flat cap, Irish patch cap, wax cap, duckbill cap, donegal touring cap, eight piece cap, newsboy cap, driving cap, trinity cap,kerry cap, walking hat and linen caps. We carry only the top name in Irish handmade caps including Hanna hats and caps from Mucros Weavers.  We are truly mad hatters because we can't get enough when the hat is from Ireland and is made to wear a lifetime.  Our hats are truly Irish stories woven to wear.
    kerry wax cap kerry wax cap
    $52.95 3
    Mucros Weavers Kerry Cap Mucros Weavers Kerry Cap
    $52.95 16
    outlander tartan wool cap
    $75.00 1
    Taxten Cap