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Grandfather Shirts

      We offer a wide assortment of authentic Irish-style men's shirts, including linen, cotton, and flannel.  Our traditional Irish Grandfather shirts are men's collarless dress shirts with old-world styling. The Celtic Ranch enlists the finest traditions woven to wear in its traditional Irish clothing for men.
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      the history of the

      grandfather shirt

      Read about the simple yet significant roots of this timeless piece of menswear.


      celtic ranchwear

      We are inspired by the way the Irish strive to bring artistry to everything they do. Whether they are making a sweater, a shirt, a cap or a keepsake, attention to simple and timeless details is always respected.

      It is the same love for tradition and style that has shaped the development of our own brand, Celtic Ranchwear. Our products go beyond men's and women's styles and speak to the old world touch that you will cherish for years to come.