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Celtic Gent Arthur Grandfather Shirt

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Grandfather Shirt

Nothing but simplicity and tradition with this classic Arthur Grandfather Shirt! Made from the highest quality chambray cotton from poplin weave, this Grandfather Shirt is breathable and comfortable in the hot summer months with its silky smooth fabric. It's machine washable friendly, tailored to fit, created with high quality design, and perfect for a formal or casual occasion. This is your classic, all-around Grandfather Shirt!

  • Made in Dublin, Ireland
  • Sizes available in S-2XL
  • Cotton ring spun for smoother and longer yarn
  • Spinning process straightens each fibre for fewer impurities and softer finish
  • Designed with button front and cuffs for cufflinks 
  • Classic fit and proportion
  • Machine washable friendly
  • Tailored fit

Material - High Quality Chambray Cotton

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