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    Head Hancho
    • Loves: Horses
    • Favorite TV show: Peaky Blinders
    • Sucker For: Rainy days and Rescued Dogs
    • Interesting Fact: I'm the Whiskey Cowgirl

    Terry started the Celtic Ranch 11 years ago with a love of horses and a passion for all things Irish. Terry says each customer makes a BIG difference for a small business. We hope you feel that way! Terry lives on 49 acres, owns 6 horses and is 3/4 Irish and 1/4 German descent. "The Irish makes me enjoy life and the German makes me get up and work". Her alter ego is the Whiskey Cowgirl. Terry has YouTube videos and review whiskeys. (Whiskey is after all "liquid Sunshine" so there's lots of smiling going on here!).
    • Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead
    • Loves: Chocolate - all colors, styles and flavors
    • Sucker For: Kittens ( I just gasp)
    • Favorite Book: Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy
    • Interesting Fact: I believe that a Slim Jim and a Snickers Bar are the perfect food combo
    Mannequin Whisperer
    • Seriously afraid of: Feet, please don't judge, or show me your feet..Gag
    • Sucker for: My family, Might not be perfect, but their my clan and I'm wrapped around their fingers especially the youngest and cutest one of them.
    • Interesting Fact: Born n raised in England to an Australian father, British mother, Welsh grandmother and Irish uncle. Married American hottie. Real deal Heinz 57
    • Loves : A good HOT cup of tea and biscuit, or should I say multiple biscuits.
    • Hobbies: when I get to sit down, I enjoy crocheting blankets, and Sleep.
    Crayon Evangelist and IT Gremlin
    • Seriously Creeped Out By: Clowns
    • Sucker For: B sci-fi movies, the older the better
    • Interesting fact: I speak fluent broken spanish
    • Loves: cheese cake!


    • Hobby: Cooking
    • Favorite TV Show: Grey’s Anatomy
    • Seriously Creeped Out By: Clowns
    • Sucker For: Puppies
    • Favorite Movie: To Kill A Mockingbird
    • Favorite Animal: All of them!!!
    • Afraid of: Clowns, public speaking and heights
    • Favorite Neil Diamond Song: Forever In Blue Jeans
    • Current Obsessions: Vikings
    Kiltman & Snuggler
    • Beverage of choice: Irish Whiskey
    • Favorite Celtic Music: Damien Dempsey
    • Loves: Coffee
    • Certified As: Whisky Ambassador & Festival Monger