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February Speakeasy

Our February Speakeasy Friday February 21st is a presentation by Connor McNeice of Belfast for Rest Spirits Distillery. They recently won an award with their Sons of Erin 15 Irish Whiskey. Connor will talk about their process and whiskeys and pour their new products. Please plan to join us Feb 21st 7-9PM with Connor.
We will have a poker run for a bottle of whiskey rom Restless Spirits! As usual we will text the first of the week and send the password to members attending on Thursday. Seated is limited and is first come first serve.

How are you celebrating your Valentines Day or really your Valentines month? Join us at the Whiskey Snug. Chocolate and whiskey and good friends. All whiskey shots with a port or cognac finish will be $2 off for Snug members. And we have flight paired with chocolate to tempt your palate. Trust me it works.

Hold on for our March everts. Big month at a Whiskey Snug. We will feature Irish Whiskey, corned beef sandwiches and party hats on March 13th. Get your Irish on here at the Celtic Ranch. We are your Celtic family.

Limited Release whiskeys. No holds. Few bottles of each. Limit one, held for sale only to members until March 1. Thank you!

  • Angels Envy Rye
  • Henry McKenna 10 yr (award winner)
  • Octomore 10.1
  • Octomore 10.3
  • Frank Sinatra Edition Jack Daniels
  • Barry Crockett Middleton Irish Whiskey
  • Highland Park Tattoo


                       One Free shot to members each month

Smooth Ambler's Contradiction Bourbon - You probably haven't tried it, I mean why would you but it's really nice. Well maybe you would have seen it in the Whiskey Advocate Magazine?

Penderyn Welsh Whiskey Celt Edition - Welsh Whiskey and I think it's off the charts good. This may be the one for you!

Dewars Caribbean Cask - Yeah it's Dewards but I love the run cask finish. I plan to have this on my shelf. That's all I'm saying...

Kinahan's Irish Whiskey - Get ready for Paddy's Day with a new Irish Whiskey

Templeton Rye Maple Cask - Calling all Temepleton lovers! Add a little sweetness to this classic rye.

Big O Ginger Liquore. Yum yum and a great mixer

Members....Did You Know?

You can get your shot of the month at anytime of the month not just at the events!

The Speakeasy entrance has a red and a green light. Green light means come on in. Red light, we are closed.

If you haven’t given an electronic "ok" to us to text and/or email, we can not get info to you.

You get 5% off bottles everyday in the Snug so buying your liquor here saves money? We have cheap whiskey and we have the top why shop anywhere else.

We have one more locker open upstairs. $10 per month for the balance of your membership.

There is Irish Whiskey on the shelf that you can’t get anywhere else in MO ‘cause we hand carried them back from Ireland! How about that!

And did you know we love you?

Saying of the Month

I am on a whiskey diet.  I have already lost three days this month!