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November is a Happening!

Join us Saturday Nov 2 for the Weston Whiskey & Tobacco Fest! It’s a great time and over 130 whiskeys, we will raise your whiskey IQ.


Our Speakeasy will be November 1st. We will have a special guest from Kentucky, Dan Gardner of Four Roses Bourbon fame! We will be serving a very limited edition Four Roses Select Barrel Strength. Meet Dan and hear the Four Roses story! Four Roses are our title sponsor at the Whiskey Fest which landed this honor to host Dan at our Upper Snug.. Meet the man! Drink the whiskey! This is BIG TIME!

Whiskey Snug Chiefs Party Every Sunday! 100” HDTV, beer specials, popcorn, couches and whiskey!

Starting at 4 pm we have Happy Hour every Friday. It’s so happy it’s a 3 hour happy hour. Ends at 7 pm.’The Friday after Thanksgiving we will have Mohave Robb playing from 4-7 pm in the Upper Snug.

We have some limited release whiskeys that I will offer exclusively to members. Check that list and they are first come, first serve. The Midwinter's Night Dram. We have three bottles and we will draw from the members interested in that very special bottle.

Please remember the Weston Whiskey and Tobacco fest November 2. This is a co-hosted event with Weston Tobacco. It is truly loved by all. There will be over 100 whiskey choices to sample. How can that be bad!

Midwinters Night Dram. If interested in getting in the drawing for the three bottles we have please text Terry. Limited Release whiskeys. No holds. Few bottles of each. Limit one of each kind per member. Thank you!

  • 2 Belle Meade Cask Strength
  • Angels Envy Rye
  • Basil Hayden Rye Caribbean Cask Finish
  • Highland Park Tattoo
  • Henry McKenna Rye 10yr
  • Whistle Pig Double Malt 18 yr
  • Four Roses Select Cask Strength


Four Roses Single Barrel - Just truly a fav! Always one of my top whiskey choices! Pairs excellently with dark chocolate.

Tomatin Dualchas - Easy to get along with at an easy price that can make it your new “go to whiskey”

Devils River Rye - The Devil is in the details! Spicy brown sugar and pepper!

Teeling Irish Whiskey - Teeling is a new Industry Leaser in IRELAND. You know you want it.

Members....Did You Know?

You can get your shot of the month at anytime of the month not just at the events!

The Speakeasy entrance has a red and a green light. Green light means come on in. Red light, we are closed.

If you haven’t given an electronic "ok" to us to text and/or email, we can not get info to you.

You get 5% off bottles everyday in the Snug so buying your liquor here saves money? We have cheap whiskey and we have the top why shop anywhere else.

Bottles purchased count towards your TagMango reward points. Tap Mango points add up! Those points get you free $$ to spend in the store.

We have two more lockers open upstairs. $10 per month for the balance of your membership.

There is Irish Whiskey on the shelf that you can’t get anywhere else in MO ‘cause we hand carried them back from Ireland! How about that!

And did you know we love you?

Have you signed up yet? Ring in the New Year’s in Ireland right here in Weston! It turns New years in the old country is six hours before here….but we are going to celebrate like we are in Ireland…. Party from 4-7pm with the tunes of Robb Samsonetti. Heavy apps and champagne provided. We WILL countdown the hour. Tickets are $35 per couple or $25 for a single. Get home before the drunks are out driving….what? I am not a drunk...well not often!

Snuggers your coupon codes have been sent to you in your November Newsletter.


Cheers to Our Graduates!

Jim, William & Andrew

All official whisky ambassadors. Congratulations on a day of whisky learning and tasting! Our next class is January 13th 2020

1/13/2020 Whisky Ambassador Programme
1/13/2020 Whisky Ambassador Programme

1/13/2020 Whisky Ambassador Programme

4/13/2020 Whisky Ambassador Programme
4/13/2020 Whisky Ambassador Programme

4/13/2020 Whisky Ambassador Programme


Upcoming Whiskey Tastings

11/16/2019 Highland Park Extravaganza
11/16/2019 Highland Park Extravaganza

11/16/2019 Highland Park Extravaganza

five American whiskey tasting Kansas City
five American whiskey tasting Kansas City

12/14/2019 Tennessee Whiskeys


Mohave Robb at The Whiskey Snug

Nov 16th: 3-6pm

December 6th: 4-8pm

Nollaig Shona Dhuit

We will leave the store open late ONLY for members to shop Friday night from 6-9 pm during the Weston Homes Tour.

It is with incredible sadness that we say goodbye to Tully, our store mascot. He had a seizure and passed. He will be gone but never forgotten. Here is one of our favorite videos

Terry, Tully and Tullamore Dew


The Upper Snug is open to you whenever the store is open. It is your place. Bring your friends. And you can reserve it for events!

Sundays we are open noon to 6pm. Sports events will be playing on our colossal TV. $3 beer and whiskey shots.. just warning ya, Jeff is probably your host. It’s his sports day and not surprising he gladly volunteers. But he likes whiskey friends!

Saying of the Month

Alcohol! Because no good story started with someone eating a salad.