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I must admit I am a huge fan of The Celtic Ranch in Weston, Missouri. I have been, since the first time I walked in and heard the Irish music playing then was given a wonderful cup of hot Irish tea. The owner and the staff are tremendous in caring for their customers. If you go there more than once you soon find they treat you like you are one of the family. I have seen this store progress almost from the beginning and still find new and interesting clothes and collectables to buy each time my wife and I go there. Now, they even have the best stock of Irish whiskeys and Scotch in the area.

I like the fact that they cater not just to the Irish but also the Scottish and the Welsh. I am a bit of all three but mostly Welsh so that is grand to feel welcomed into this quaint Celtic Wonderland. I often spend at least an hour just browsing, sometimes wishing and sometimes buying. My family expects and even looks forward to their Irish Christmas presents, whether they are sweaters, caps, scarves or a fine bottle of Scotch for my favorite son-in-law.

The owner (Terry Kast) goes to Ireland every year to try and find new products that we all will enjoy. I have grown particularly fond of the sterling silver rings, Claddagh’s, crosses, and other Celtic jewelry. Keith Jack is my favorite artisan but there are others equally as good.

When the time is right you can drop in a find some friendly talented artist there displaying their products, sometimes showing how it is made and if they are performers, then striking up an Irish tune. You never know what you will find there unless you are on their email list and I certainly am.

If you are looking for anything thing Celtic whether it is Terry’s own fantastic Kiltman brand of kilts to a rare Middleton Irish Whiskey you cannot beat this shop. I have found them to be helpful, fair, and honest. I probably should mention generous too. Terry visits the elderly and local schools with her miniature horse, Half-Pint McGee and does numerous charity events. This is the type of home town business I like to support. Give them a look online or better yet, stop in and meet them yourself, I bet you will be glad you did. If I am there, which is often I might treat you to a shot of Brady’s Irish Cream.  -  Bob A., Leavenworth KS.



Thank you so much! I love the Irish items you offer, and especially the selections from Mucros weavers. I visited Ireland 2 years ago, and my favorite place was Mucros House, and Killarney. I would love to go back again sometime, and see other areas I missed. It's a beautiful country. 

I wish you success with your store and on-line business, it's a real treasure! - Catherine M.