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SOLD OUT - 2023 Out The Front To The Back 0.08K Race

Sold out

Saturday, July 29 | 10 AM & 12 PM


10K run? Absolutely not. 5K race? Still a no for me. 0.08K? With a free t-shirt and a Guinness float in the end?! COUNT ME IN! Join us for our 2nd annual 0.08K race! Last year was a huge hit, and we are excited to bring back a fun event with a great cause again. Check in for the race inside the Celtic Ranch and start your "race" out the front to the back of the Whiskey Snug. Celebrate your victory with a Guinness float and some freebies in the end!

Due to a phenomenal turnout last year, we are introducing TWO heats for this year's race! Bring your running pals with you and join Heat One at 10 AM or Heat Two at 12 PM. 

We are partnering again with The Farmer's House! Proceeds will go to support the local charity's mission of empowering youth and adults with developmental disabilities to pursue their best lives. To learn more about The Farmer's House, click here.

When: Saturday, July 29, 2023 

Time: 10 AM (Heat One) & 12 PM (Heat Two)

Where: The Celtic Ranch and Whiskey Snug

Why: WHY NOT?!

Your ticket registration includes:

  • An exclusive race shirt (limited sizes available)
  • Vinyl memorabilia sticker
  • Guinness Float sample
  • $2 off one Guinness Float cocktail
  • Souvenir trophy
  • 10% off coupon to Celtic Ranch
  • 10% off coupon to The Farmer's House
  • A chance to win local gift cards and freebies!

Early bird registration is June 23 - July 16 at $25 with a t-shirt. Regular registration begins July 17 - July 28 at $30. July 29 day of registration is $35. T-shirts are subject to availability for regular and day of registrations.


  • Limited sizes for t-shirts are available. Please select your heat and t-shirt size when you add to cart.
  • You will pick up your t-shirt along with your other runner's materials the morning of the event.
  • You must be 21+ to enter The Whiskey Snug. Please enjoy responsibly. 

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