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Barrel & Spirit - The Symbiotic Relationship Of Wood and Whiskey October 23rd 7PM

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Aging spirits in a barrel is not a new practice. For thousands of years, wood has played a significant role in defining flavors found in brown spirits like rum and whiskey. Today, everything from Worcestershire Sauce to wine gets aged in used barrels in attempt to capture unique flavor profiles and impart distinct characteristics. One brand at the forefront of this trend is Maker’s Mark. In this seminar, Marker’s Mark Diplomat, Greta Harper, will walk you through the process of how wood really affects the flavor of whiskey as well as diving deep into the science of their relationship. Zoom link will be provided or 16 members can join us at the snug for the tasting.


Your tasting kit includes:

  • Maker’s Mark Sample
  • Maker’s 46 Sample
  • Maker’s Mark Cask Strength Sample
  • Maker’s Mark Private Select Sample
  • Tasting Mat
  • Exclusive Maker’s Mark branded pen, rocks glass & commemorative pin
  • 1 bottle of OZ Earth-Crafted Virgin Water

 $10  delivery option to Kansas City area. Pickup samples available after October 14th
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