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Blue Glencairn Whiskey Tasting and Nosing Glass

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Blue Glencairn Scotch Whiskey Tasting Glass

This Glencairn tasting glass is one of the most distinguished Whisky tasting or nosing glass for blenders and Whisky Lovers.  It is made from lead-free crystal, holds about 7 oz of liquid and stands 4.5" tall. The Blue Glencairn edition was created for the whiskey enthusiast in your life who enjoys blind whiskey tastings. Enjoy your favorite American, Canadian, or Irish whiskey in one of these sleek whiskey glasses. We know you will love it as much as we do!

  • Made in Scotland
  • Individually gift boxed in a branded Glencairn carton
  • Blue design for Blind Whisky Tastings
  • Tapering mouth = captures important aromas and allows ease of drinking
  • Wide bowl = enhances whiskey color
  • Thistle style base = maximum comfort while holding the glass

Measurements - 4.5" H

Material - Lead-Free Crystal

Capacity - 20 cl

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