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Irish Donegal Touring Patchwork Hat

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Color: Shades of Brown

Multi-Colored Donegal Touring Tweed Patchwork Hat

"Hannah Hats John Hanna talks tweed selection, online shopping"

"Hanna Hats Employment and Sustainable Practices"

Created in 2008, this strong sleek cap adds country-life cool to any look. Multi-colored tweed patches are sewn together using the age-old tradition of quilting, ensuring that your cap is unique to you, a one-of-a-kind.
  • Design may vary from the picture due to how the hat is made
  • Comes in Shades of Brown and Shades of Grey/Blue
  • Made from 100% Tweed Wool
  • Imported from Ireland and made by Hanna Hats of Donegal
  • Features a sewn down peak and a slim body

Material - 100% Tweed Wool, 100% Taffeta (Lining)

Care Instructions


"Hanna Hats John Hanna talks tweed selection, online shopping"

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