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Glencairn Glass (x6) Gift Set


Glencairn Gift Box

Looking for the best gift for the avid whisky lover in your life? Or looking to treat yourself to some whisky accessories? This impressive Glencairn Gift Set features six Glencairn glasses, all in an array of different colors from crystal clear to shimmering gold. It includes a sleek gift box for protection and easy transportation. Look no further for the best whisky gift out there!

  • Made in Scotland
  • Includes six Glencairn glasses
  • Includes gift box
  • Tapering mouth = captures important aromas and allows ease of drinking
  • Wide bowl = enhances whiskey color
  • Thistle style base = maximum comfort while holding the glass

Material - Non-lead Crystal

Measurement - 4.5" H per glass

Capacity - 20 cl per glass

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