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Slim Fit Tobacco Pub Kilt

Original Price $169.99
Current Price $149.99
SKU KMK3002-30S-S
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Slim Fit Tobacco Pub Kilt

  • Kiltman Kilts Tobacco Utility Kilt in our Slim Fit design
  • Utility Kilt made from 10 oz cotton
  • Sized like jeans and slimmer through the hips - refer to our size guide for measurements
  • 3 available drop lengths

The Pub Kilt is everything a utility kilt should be. Made of a 10 oz cotton, in a duck cloth weave, it is rugged, sturdy, and wears very well.

Choose from six of our famous pockets to add to this kilt. Even without bonus side pockets, you've always got trouser pockets and roomy back pockets.

Perfect for a night out, a hike or camping trip, for Highland Games competitors, or whatever you want to throw at it. It's a drinking kilt, it's a sportsmen's kilt, it's the quintessential modern kilt. It's the Kiltman Pub Kilt.

The Pub Kilt is sized like jeans, so order your regular waist size. Check out our size guide to see more information about waist sizing. More personal preference is involved in the drop length of your kilt. I carry three drop lengths in most sizes.

However, sometimes, try as you might, you need to go up or down a size. No worries. Kiltman offers free domestic returns for exchanges.

Customer Reviews

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Andrew Grant

I've always wanted a utility kilt. After reviewing many products, I decided a Kiltman Kilt was for me. Good material, great hardware snaps and clips, and wonderful features (side pockets, back pockets, attachable pockets(sold separately), and modesty snap). Here is a Youtube video that sold me on this kilt. Enjoy! The Celtic Ranch was excellent and very personal. Thank you for good business.

Thank you Andrew! With great customers like you it's a pleasure to be in business. We appreciate your kind words and your business! You rock!

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