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Women and Whiskey - October 28, 2021 - 7:00 PM

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We love women who drink whiskey!  Women who whiskey are adventurous and are risk takers.  They don't care what others think. Why should they?  They commune with the nuances of whiskey and.....usually have exceptional palates!   This event will explore four whiskeys paired with gorgeous food!

The Celtic Ranch's own Ethan Bunce, who has incredible palate, has chosen sublime whiskeys for the evening. This whiskey food pairing is our brain child of Food Network's own Neller Knabel.  Neller has created not only tasty, "foodie" food, but also perfectly paired with the night's whiskeys.   

We will together share each of the whiskeys.  Talk about what we taste.  Listen to other WOMEN and explore and hopefully expand our palates even more! All attendees get a take-home swag bag too!

1) We will start with a Mac & Cheese station.  Top your Cheesy Mac your way with your choice of the following:   Cavatappi, creamy cheese sauce, crumbled bacon, lobster, smoked brisket, buttery bread crumbs, fresh garden herbs, shredded cheese.

2) Then on to the dessert portion.....a Cupcake Pairing.  Neller has created three mouthwatering cupcakes for the three pairing

 -Dark Chocolate Blood Orange & Olive Oil cupcake.

 -Wildflower Cake, Wild Honey Buttercream, Red Current Jam

 -Butter Pecan burnt butter cake, maple buttercream, maple glazed pecans!

Join the sisterhood and an evening of like minds! Space is limited to 36 women.  $35

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