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Brown Leather Sling Bag

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SKU 12400-B
Color: Brown Lee

Leather Sling Bag

Soft textured brown leather sling bag with tons of pockets!  What's not to love? The leather backpack styling makes it so it can be worn in the back or for easy access worn in the front. Extremely versatile and easy to carry. Perfect for traveling and adventuring! Get yours today.

  • There are full zippered pockets on the inside front and the inside back. 
  • The main compartment area has a phone holder and another zippered pocket. 
  • The upper strap area sports a brushed antique Celtic knot and another zipper area. 
  • Great leather travel bag to keep close to your body. 
  • Made in Ireland by Lee River.
  • Features adjustable strap

Material - Leather

Measurements - 27" (from bottom of bag to top of strap)

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