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Irish Waxed Cotton Fisherman Cap

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Color: Wax Black

Waxed Cotton Irish Fisherman Cap

Mucros men's wax cap is a waxed cotton cadet cap or could be called an Irish Fisherman's Wax Cap. This waxcap is expertly made in Ireland by Mucros Weavers where it rains enough you need a hat to keep you dry! Available in a brown or dark olive (almost looks black) in sizes S-XL. 
  • This Irish Fisherman Cap is made from waxed cotton to make it water-resistant.
  • Made in Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland by Muckross House.
  • This cap has a modern look with a traditional feel.
  • This Irish fisherman hat will add a little Irish flair to any wardrobe.
  • This style cap is one of the most frequently worn in Ireland.

Material - 100% Waxed Cotton

Care Instructions

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