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Brooke & Shoals Home Fragrance Diffusers

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SKU 5391524040340

Irish Fragrance Sachet

Create a constant aroma in your home with divine fragrances from Brooke and Shoals. The reed diffusers are packaged in lovely ribbon-tied gift boxes. The diffusers are made using a glycerin base that is alcohol-free. Each home fragrance diffuser is designed to last between 12-16 weeks.

  • Net weight 120ml /4floz
  • Made in Ireland using an alcohol-free glycerin base
  • Contains high-quality fragrance & essential oils
  • Includes natural rattan reed sticks

Care Instructions

Sweet Pea/Tea Rose Fragrance

  • This scented diffuser combines the delicate scent of sweet pea with pretty base notes of tea rose to create a fragrance blend that is comforting, reminiscent of bygone days.
  • Fragrance Mood: Comforting & Nostalgic

White Lily/Ylang Fragrance

  • This divine home fragrance diffuser combines the heady fragrance of white lily with the sensual notes of ylang to create and aroma that is calming & restorative.
  • Fragrance Mood: Calming & Restorative

Elderflower Rhubarb/Rose Fragrance

  • This home fragrance diffuser combines the delicate aroma of sweet tangy elderflower with notes of freshly picked rhubarb & heady rose petals to create a summer garden blend that enchants.
  • Fragrance Mood: Enchanting

Lemon Mandarin & Magnolia Fragrance

  • This diffuser brings together the sweet, fruity notes of green fig with the fresh, woody base notes of vetiver to create a fragrance fusion that will ground you.
  • Fragrance Mood: Grounding

Sweet Basil Bay & Neroli Fragrance

  • This home fragrance diffuser brings together fragrant herbs of basil, bay leaf, rosemary & eucalyptus with wonderfully floral neroli blossom to create an aroma that will help you decompress.
  • Fragrance Mood: Decompressing
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