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Celtic Legends Salmon of Knowledge Pendant

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SKU JMH-12530

Salmon of Knowledge Pendant

The Legend of the Salmon of Knowledge Pendant features the iconic fish in gold-plated scales with a sparkling blue topaz eye. The fascinating detailed design depicts the fish jumping out of the waves and into the sky. A unique piece of jewelry that will surely grab everyone's attention.

  • Gift boxed and packaged with a story card.
  • Handcrafted in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Hallmarked in the Assay Office in Dublin Castle.

Material - Sterling Silver

Measurements - 34mm H x 27mm W

Chain - 18"

The Legend of the Salmon of Knowledge

Long ago in Ireland there lived a boy called Fionn McCumhaill. He had such a desire for knowledge that his mother sent him to study with a wise man called Finnegas. Finnegas lived by a river in which there swam a mystical fish, a salmon that was said to contain all the knowledge of the world. Finally one day when they were studying by the river Fionn and Finnegas saw the salmon, with its golden scales shimmering in the light, swim down the river. They caught him and Finnegas instructed Fionn to cook the salmon, be he was not to taste it as only the first person to taste the fish would inherit its knowledge. As the fish cooked a blister rose on its side from the fire, and without thinking Fionn reached out to press it down with his finger. The hot flesh burned hi thumb, which he put in his mouth to cool, and at that moment he inherited all the wisdom in the world from the salmon. Fionn McCumhaill went on to be a great Irish hero, leading the legendary Fianna in their adventures across Ireland.

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