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Irish Traditional Wool Flat Cap Patch

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Color: Shades of Brown

Traditional Irish Flat Patchwork Cap

"Hannah Hats John Hanna talks tweed selection, online shopping"

"Hanna Hats Employment and Sustainable Practices"

Hanna Patch Hats are traditional Irish hats that scream IRELAND. This style is the vintage flat cap that Ireland is renowned for, but with the patches in various creative tweeds of brown Donegal wool. This vintage patch cap in "shades of brown" and 'shades of grey/blue" makes for unique styling with patches of Irish tweed that are not too garish, but yet are one of a kind. 100% wool for warmth and lined for comfort. Have your own unique Vintage Patch Cap made in Ireland by Hanna hats! There is no substitute.
  • Handcrafted in Ireland 
  • Full Bodied   
  • Variations in Colors and Weaves 
  • Stud Fastener on Peak 
  • Suitable for All Genders
  • 100% Wool 
  • Taffeta Lining 
  • Dry Clean Only 

Material - 100% Irish Wool, Taffeta (Lining)

Care Instructions


"Hanna Hats John Hanna talks tweed selection, online shopping"


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