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August Birthstone Claddagh Ring

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August Birthstone Claddagh Ring

Symbolize her inner goddess with this stunning sterling silver Claddagh August birthstone ring by Shanore Irish Jewelry. The Claddagh August birthstone ring is set with a dazzling peridot zirconia stone that is finished with 4 cubic zirconia stones within the band. 

Meaning of the August Birthstone

Peridot symbolizes strength and is something called the evening emerald for all its light green color. It was once believed that the green crystals found in volcanic ash were the tears of the volcano goddess, Pele. It is also said that the wearer of this stone is protected from nightmares.

This is a sales item and has limited inventory. Please verify your size.  Sorry there are no returns accepted because of the closeout status of this product.


Material - Sterling Silver

Measurement - 10mm H

Stone - Peridot Zirconia

Main Stone Size - 5mm x 5mm

Main Stone Shape - Heart

Other Stone Size - 2mm x 2mm

Other Stone Shape - Round

Other Stones - Cubic Zirconia

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