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St. Andrews Handcrafted Scented Wax

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SKU 210000011275

Make one of St. Andrews handcrafted scented wax melts one of your favorite home fragrance smells. Each scented wax bar is made to order using quality material and tested at this family-owned business. 

Apple Strudel Fragrance Details: 

A wonderful blend of apples and cinnamon without an overkill of bakery base notes. The aroma of a red juicy McIntosh apple sprinkled with fresh ground cinnamon sticks. Opening with top notes of baked apple giving way to middle notes of ground cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander and cloves, all underpinned with base notes of vanilla, amber, musk, and caramelized sugar.

Bath Time Fragrance Details:

A Clean, fresh and uplifting scent with hints of lily, vetiver, and iris.

Gin & Tonic Fragrance Details: 

Deep and zesty with a slight sweetness, this fragrance captures the lime-zesty aroma and 'alcoholic' notes of a 'Gin and Tonic'. It is refreshing yet robust.

Laundry Day Fragrance Details: 

A fresh scent has a marine character which is invigorated with zesty green citrus fruits that rest on rich creamy bottom notes.

Sweet Orange & Chilli Fragrance Details: 

A sweet and spicy blend of orange zest, tangerine, bergamot, cassis, and neroli with undertones of black pepper, chilli, and musk.

Thai Mango Martini Fragrance Details: 

A refreshing zest accord with mouth-watering Indian lemongrass, Italian lemon and thai lime supported with fresh pineapple, melon, grapefruit, and juicy mango.



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