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Sterling Silver and Marcasite Tree of Life Pendant

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Sterling Silver Tree of Life Pendant Necklace

Trees were sacred to the Celts; they believed the very center of the world, the axis mundi, was an oak tree. Trees give shelter, food, fuel and breathe life into our world. Trees contain the spirits of the forest, protect and house the knowledge of our ancestors, and bridge the world between man and gods. The tree of life connects all living things, from roots deep into the earth to trunk, to leaves and branches, it conjoins soil and sky. At The Celtic Ranch, trees are revered for the life they give, the lessons they teach, and the majesty they possess.

We love ANU! Anu Celtic Jewellery creates gorgeous pieces inspired by monks who created the Book of Kells. They are a family-run business based in Dublin, Ireland with 20 years of experience crafting rich, timeless, and classic Irish accessories and jewelry. 

  • Made in Ireland
  • Includes gift box

Material - Sterling Silver

Measurements - 1.5"

Chain - 18" Sterling Silver

Stone - Marcasite

Stone Count - 34 approximately throughout the entire pendant

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