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Sterling Silver Marcasite/Emerald Cross Necklace

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Marcasite and Emerald Cross Necklace

This Sterling Silver, Marcasite, and Emerald Celtic Cross Necklace is absolutely stunning. A classic, Irish Cross, this would make a great pendant gift for an elegant woman who admires classic beauty with a vintage feel. The Celtic Cross is used to mark locations for Christian teaching and worship. Tradition holds St. Patrick took the shape of the sun and united it to the traditional cross we see today!

We love ANU! Anu Celtic Jewellery creates gorgeous pieces inspired by monks who created the Book of Kells. They are a family-run business based in Dublin, Ireland with 20 years of experience crafting rich, timeless, and classic Irish accessories and jewelry. 

  • Made in Ireland
  • Includes gift box

Measurements - 2cm L x 4cm H

Stone - Marcasite

Material - Sterling Silver

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