Celtic Ranch House Brands and the Head Honcho Behind Them

Terry Kast never dreamed that she’d fill a menswear niche with traditional Irish clothing, but look at her now!

It all started with traditional grandfather (collarless) shirts. They sold so well, she had difficulty keeping them stocked, sometimes taking 90 days to receive an order. So, she looked into manufacturing her own. She has an eye for well-made items with a touch of “rugged,” something that looks good with jeans and boots. And thus, Celtic Ranchwear was born!

Vests followed soon after. There were fitting issues with Irish-sized vests on American bodies, so following the classic pattern, she created more sizes to suit gents of every dimension. Of course, generating your own inventory is expensive and risky. But trying new ways to do “classic” and watching the profit margins has paid off for all of us!

In keeping with the rugged/casual theme, Terry and her son, John, developed Kiltman Kilts. Celtic Ranch already had a presence at Irish Festivals and Highland Games across the US, so offering Kiltman utility kilts was a natural fit. The distinguishing feature of these durable garments is the removable pocket that comes in six styles including the Party Pocket, Tech Pocket and Handyman Pocket. New additions to the Kiltman line include wool tweed kilts (with sewn-in side pockets) and tartan ladies’ casual kilt skirts. Visit KiltmanKilts.com.

Terry really envisioned herself specializing in women’s fashion and is most proud of the jewelry, clothing and leather bags she curates for Celtic Ranch. She partnered with John Branigan Weavers in Ireland to create scarves, capes and ponchos in unique colors for the Celtic Ranchwear label. She commissioned a Celtic Ranch exclusive in the Ladies One-Size Cashmere Sweater, frequently paired with a coordinating Wool and Cashmere Scarf. For a time, Terry worked with a jeweler offering a line of Primitive Celt necklaces, bracelets and earrings. The current Celtic Ranchwear Jewelry includes Celtic designs in sterling rings and earrings at a very affordable price point. 

Anyone visiting the Celtic Ranch in Weston is likely to meet our shop dog, a friendly wooly Irish Water Spaniel. Paddy is the current celebrity pup and in 2020, Terry launched Paddy Tails, with fun unisex shirts in celebration of all things canine. Of course, you’ll continue to find classic imports from Celtic Gent, Keith Jack (fine jewelry), Mucros Weavers, Harris Tweed, Inis and more. But keep an eye on the shop – on Main Street and at CelticRanch.com – for new additions to the Celtic Ranchwear line.

Returning visitors notice changes in the layout and inventory evolving over nearly 17 years since Terry started the Celtic Ranch right here at 404 Main. What began with a few choice bottles of whiskey for sampling on a shelf behind the register is now the celebrated Whiskey Snug! The original ground floor snug opened in early 2018 and the upper snug was added in October that year. (Watch for expanded seating in the upper snug by mid-2021.) You’ll find more than 700 whiskies, spirits, gins and ales along with Whiskey Snug-branded items. 

Part of the charm of the Whiskey Snug is provided by the knowledgeable and enthusiastic Whisky Ambassadors  -  ready to expand your appreciation of uisce na beatha (water of life). “I always tell people - they’re better off drinking smarter, not more,” says Terry. “So many times, people will buy cheap whiskey, then decide they don’t like it and are hesitant to try it again. Few things are as fun as watching someone try a well-crafted whiskey and discover what all the fuss is really about.” Stop in and see us. We’re open seven days a week. You can discover even more about everything you already love about the Celtic Ranch, and tell Herself, “Howdy!” while you’re there.

Lori McAlister

Wrangler of Cultural Affairs

The Celtic Ranch | 404 Main Street | Weston, MO 64098

www.CelticRanch.com | Home of The Whiskey Snug

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