Create a Fairy Garden Sure to Invite

IMG_8718Would you like to find a dainty fairy and her friends in your own backyard garden? It’s not easy to spot them but if they feel specially invited to their very own fairy garden then they may just settle in for a visit. Fairy gardens first debuted in the United States in 1893 as a twist on the Japanese bonsai dish gardens at the Chicago World’s Fair. The New York Times ran a feature on the fascinating miniature creations and it began a fad in gardening that is still going strong. Tiny gardens are popular because they are easy to maintain and rather adorable. But the best reason to love them is because of their wee residents – the fairies themselves. Create a garden inviting enough and you may get lucky to play host. Just remember that you have to watch closely for any hope of a fairy sighting. No one in Ireland has likely ever had to create a special fairy garden as the “little people” are known to populate the island woods in great numbers. But this Easter brings a special grand opening of the Kilmokea Gardens – a unique attraction for both children and fairies that will be worth a look the next time you visit Ireland. Just remember back on your own little patch of earth...decorate sweetly, tend carefully, share bountifully (fairies especially love tiny cups of alcohol and sugary sweets), and watch diligently. If you still haven’t had a sighting, perhaps it would help to sing the fairy song: Come one, come all Good Fairies hear my call I believe in you and your kind too Dance on my garden's flowers Stay and play for hours Good fairies, you are welcome here We hold your magic and lives dear Good fairies, you are welcome here

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