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Fight the Chill of Summer

Summertime tourists in shorts, sandals, and bikini tops? Not so much. The warm breezes of summer seem to have overlooked the Emerald Isle completely this year. As Ireland reports the coldest and wettest summer on record, residents and visitors alike are lighting fires and bundling up to fight the chill of summer. The official weather reporting stations in Ireland all noted their coldest July temps in decades. Gale force winds and dangerous flooding have also occurred across the country this season. The good news is all that wind can come in handy in terms of creating energy. In fact, the Irish have always dealt with their wet and windy weather with heart and optimism and humor. While Ireland is not exactly known for calm and balmy weather, the typical summer forecast is sunnier and warmer than 2015 has shown. Residents look forward to what they anecdotally call "the two weeks of summer" but this year the wet and chilly spring has kept its grip on the forecast and now it is already time to plan for autumn's expected rainy, golden days. Happily for visitors, nearly every activity in hearty Ireland continues on no matter what the weather. Why cancel and hide out indoors when you can bundle up and still enjoy the green beauty of the isle? Invest in a waterproof pair of boots and go hiking the trails and beaches. Grab a stout raincoat and enjoy horseback riding and sightseeing. Find a good cap and scarf and climb aboard a boat for a day of fishing. Exploring an ancient ruin in the rain? All the more romantic. So we missed summertime this time around in Ireland? No sweat. Bring on the new sweater designs and boot liners. Layer up and try out a new slick jacket. Bundle up the baby in cozy sweaters and head out for a day enjoying the nature and beauty and authentic wildness. The sunshine and warmth you will find in Ireland has far more to do with attitude than forecast anyway.
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