Layering Sweaters for Warmth the Irish Way

Just hearing the word winter makes even the most hearty of us shiver a bit thinking of theMen's fisherman sweater with shoulder and elbow patches Men's fisherman sweater with shoulder and elbow patches snow, ice, and dreary gray skies. Winter is the damp chilly cousin of summer who comes over, drinks all your booze and leaves dirty underwear on the floor. Slogging through longest shortest days of the year can be tough, but the Irish came up with a way to knock out that chill and keep looking stylish. Layering. That's right, layering. The air pockets in wool fibers insulate and stay dry, even when they're wet, partially because sheep wool contains lanolin, a natural oil in the wool that keeps a sheeps coat from matting and also protects them from the sun. Irish wool is prized for its softness and durability, which makes Irish sweaters some of the best for keeping you warm on even the dreariest day, and the Irish definitely know dreary and damp.Ladies Moss Turtleneck Sweater Ladies Moss Turtleneck Sweater When you hear "Irish sweater" do visions of aran patterns, white wool, and fishermen come to mind? Of course they do, but recently traditional sweaters have given way to a more fashion-forward look, with rich colors and stylish designs. Irish sweaters go with everything, the rules of fashion are out, and the rules of style are in! Wear your sweater over a pair of boyfriend jeans with boots, a mini-skirt and tights, or even a long skirt for a more sophisticated look. Fall festival attendees are even seen wearing their Irish sweaters with jean shorts and ankle boots for a more adventurous look. Of course, pairing your Irish sweater with a great pair of boots, your favorite jeans, and a statement necklace is a timeless look . No matter how you layer it, an Irish sweater will keep you warm and stylish.

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