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Showcase Ireland 2023 Recap!

Showcase Ireland 2023 Recap!

Our managers, Cara and Renz, just got back from a fabulous trip back to the homeland. It was a refreshing, rejuvenating, and reviving time to go back to Ireland - not just to experience the annual Showcase Ireland trade show to explore new goodies for the store, but also to venture out into the beautiful county lands of historic Ireland!

Before we got down to business, we loosened up with a whiskey tour! We toured Pearse Lyons Distillery situated right in the heart of Dublin. The distillery was renovated from a church and features the iconic glass steeple. 


The first day of the trade show was go-go-go time! We visited our beloved vendors and explored their newest collections as we placed orders on our long-time fan favorites. We cannot wait to show you the brand new treasures coming soon to the store! We said hello to Mucros Weavers, West End Knitwear, Original Aran, and many more. Have you signed up for our newsletter? Make sure to join our email list so you can be the first to know of our brand new products!


We ditched the second day to take a quick plane ride to Glasgow to check out the Scottish Trade Fair show! We met up with Glen Appin (you know who they are - we can't get enough of their Harris Tweed handbags!) and rumor has it we are getting some exciting new whiskey glassware for the Whiskey Snug... you won't want to miss it! After a long yet successful trip to Scotland, we returned back to Ireland and rested up for Day 3...


Our last day of the show was bittersweet. We checked in with a few more vendors on our list then spent the last hour exploring new items just for YOU. We can't wait to show you what's coming soon. If you're looking for birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, Mother's Day and Father's day gifts, or just a treat-yourself gift, make sure to make plans to stop by our store in Weston or shop online! We've got beauty products, men's accessories, and more making their debut soon... and that's a wrap on Showcase Ireland 2023!


We had a few days to explore Ireland when the show ended. Cara met up with a longtime friend of hers while Renz explored the beautiful cliff sides of Wicklow.


Then we took a trip down to Killarney to meet up with Mucros Weavers' master weaver, John Cahill, and he gave us a tour of how their pieces come to life! We toured the historic Muckross House and visited their gift shop. Along the way, we can't help but admire the landscapes and castles!


Our last day in Ireland consisted of a day trip to Galway. We visited the cathedral and enjoyed one last drink at the pub before making our way back home. 

We love you, Ireland! And to our fantastic customers, YOU are the reason we are passionate of what we do! 

- Renz Pros

General Manager

The Celtic Ranch | 404 Main Street | Weston, MO 64098 | Home of The Whiskey Snug

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