Six Reasons Ladies Love a Man in a Kilt

486523_4358821007811_1206339264_102578811_1255516196_n-1 1. It takes balls to wear a kilt. You can be assured that in most movie theaters, home improvement centers, ball games, and suburban parties you will be the only man in a kilt. Other guys, out of insecurity, will crack jokes about your "skirt". No need to punch them. Just slide your arm around the nearest lady and walk away to grab another Guinness. 2. Wearing a kilt is actually good for your balls. Science has spoken - the freedom of a kilt is great for your fertility. Women will notice. 3. Your knees are sexy. Aside from how cute they are and how much your hairy legs remind ladies of your masculinity, glimpsing a guy's knee is sure to make a woman think of a gentlemanly marriage proposal and ignite some very romantic feelings. 4. Wearing a kilt shows you mean business. Kiltman says it best, "In terms of an article of clothing, this indicates being functional, versatile, and strong." There's not a lady on the planet who doesn't prefer her man functional, versatile, and strong. 5. Wearing a kilt shows you honor history. There's the beautiful history of both Ireland and Scotland reflected in that kilt. And she'll be thinking of Braveheart, Rob Roy, Brigadoon, Legends of the Fall, Outlander (need we say more?) every time she looks at you. 6. "When you're wearing a Kiltman kilt, you're always going somewhere." Kiltman speaks the truth. You're going places and ladies will want to follow.

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