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The Dragonfly in Celtic Lore

A master of illusion is the dragonfly. Light glances from his iridescent wings creating a small rainbow of subtle, but captivating color. Born on the surface of the water, she transforms into a creature of the air. The Dragonfly weightlessly darts about as a miniature dragon of the faerie realm.

The Dragonfly symbolizes transformation and self-realization. The Dragonfly represents creative imagination and the insight of clear vision. The Dragonfly means “good luck.” As Jeweler Keith Jack reminds us, “The Dragonfly reminds us to live life to the fullest.”

Dragonfly Fairies

The Dragonfly has been flitting about planet earth for about 300 million years fascinating humankind across the globe. Irish myth tells us that the “little people” ride Dragonflies as a horse to travel in the blink of an eye. Some stories imply that the Dragonfly is actually a fairy in disguise that only can be seen from the right angle. (Interestingly, when dragonfly larvae hatch, they’re called “nymphs.”) The Celts connect the Dragonfly with the ability to see truth; with the sight of the ancient, powerful Dragons who were guardians of the Sacred Stones and magical wells.

Doctor Dragonfly

Dragonfly is a lucky spirit that is thought to have the power to restore health. Seeing a dragonfly or dreaming of a dragonfly may signal that a change is coming, perhaps a rebirth of sorts. Dragonfly can also warn you that what you now see in a person or situation is only hovering on the surface and you should look more deeply to find authenticity.

Finding a Dragonfly at Celtic Ranch

Dragonflies can be elusive in the wild, bringing a sense of whimsy and serendipity when they appear. You can capture the magic and the meaning of the dragonfly at Celtic Ranch in an elegant pendant or earrings. Wrap yourself in the transforming softness of dragonfly scarves. Remind yourself to look beyond the obvious or give an imaginative gift to someone experiencing their own regeneration.

Lori McAlister
Wrangler of Cultural Affairs