Top Ten Sexiest Irish Whiskeys for Paddy's Day

Why keep drinking the same whiskey this year for the wearing of the green?
There are some truly great Irish whiskeys to share with friends or savor all by yourself!  When they're that good they just sexy!!!
First, the Macdaddy is the Jameson Bow Street.  And 18yr cask strength Jameson and I must say it's life altering.  What a truly great blend of fabulous whiskey that has been waiting at Midleton to come to your place for St Pat's for over 18 years!!!!  The 18 yr is incredible but imagine that to the 10th power.  BAM!  Orange and chocolate, with a long lingering finish that goes on and on.
Second in my humble, but loud opinion, is the Tyrconnell 15yr finished in a Madiera
cask.  This whiskey is so complex!  Every sip will have a new & different conversation with your palate.  This won a gold last year and I was able to touch at a whiskey fest.  Gold feels quite nice but not at good as this whiskey tastes.  Cherry and vanilla hits the palate first followed by chocolate finish and some really happy lips to lick.
Third is the RedBreast 12 Cask Strength.  You probably already know how good the Redbreast is, now imagine that amped up and exploding your in your mouth.  Just do it!  You won't regret it! Gingerbread and cinnamon then into a sweet spice.  At least on the first sip...after that you're on your own!
Fourth is the Knappogue Castle 12 Finished in the Marchesi Di Barolo Cask.  So Knappogue was always good.  This has so much going on. Apple on the nose and into the first part of the taste.  Apple, raisin and honey, oh my!  Limited edition.  Get in now while you can.
Fifth is Tyrconnell 10yr Port Cask Finish.  I love a port finish when it's done right and this one it!  Taste it and you're in love!  Vanilla heavy then into sweet cherry and honey all the way baby! Phew.  Forgot how good this one is!
Next Tullamore Dew 12 yr.  This is a blend but is as smooth as a baby's bottom.  It caresses your tongue. Good whiskey for beginners because it has next to no harshness. Honey sweetness dominates the entire taste and lingers eternally.
Writers Tears is a pot still by Walsh Distillery.  Kind and gentle.  Enough to cure your writers block.  Why Writers Tears...because Ireland is a land of bards and there are more pulitzer prize winners from Ireland than anywear.  And this pot still rich but also light. Honey sweet throughout that transforms into chocolate!
Slane Irish Whiskey is one of my favorite introductory price whiskeys in the market.  Brought to you by Brown Foreman who also distribute Jack Daniels.  They picked a good one!  The triple finish on this whiskey is well done.  There is just nothing to like here including the price!  Drink on!~. Sweet cherry, then apple and finishes orange and raisin. Huh? Yes it's amazing!
Jameson Stout Cask Finish is such an improvement on the the regular Jamo that it's worth the extra $10.  Smooth, lots of rich sweet flavor that kinda goes into the chocolate then vanilla probably because of the stout finish.  Whiskey and chocolate, I'm in!
Paddy's Irish Whiskey  Yes, Paddy has is own whiskey for Paddy's day!  And it's very nice.  Apple and cinnamon that lingers...jealous Jameson, you should be!
We carry all these whiskeys and more!  They are truly my prized whiskeys that I love and snuggle with, well my palate does when it's been good!!  Come in and try them by the shot or just plain get yourself a bottle!
Slainte! Hope your Paddy's day is great! Join us for a taste.  We won't disappoint!  
Terry Kast, Whiskey Cowgirl

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