May's Featured Jeweler - ShanOre

ShanOre Jewelry is the perfect combination of traditional Irish culture and modern fashionability. From bold shamrocks to nuanced bridal sets, ShanOre offers a line of jewelry for every occasion and moment in the wearer’s life.

Celtic symbols are used throughout ShanOre’s designs to represent love, friendship, loyalty, connection, and tradition. Each piece is designed by skilled artisans in Ireland and lovingly crafted in the ShanOre workshop.

Some of our favorite ShanOre gifts are the birthstone claddagh ringstree of life earrings, and pendant necklaces.

Because ShanOre is made with the finest quality, you can expect each piece to be a lifelong addition to your collection. This month, you can get a ShanOre celtic knot pendant for just $79.99

shanore celtic knot pendant

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