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Mother's Day: Irish Treats for Your Best Gal

In Ireland Mother's Day, or Mothering Day is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Much like the US, mothers are treated to breakfast in bed, given cards, flowers and gifts or taken for special lunches or outings. mother's day gifts Shanore Irish Jewelry Rose Gold Pearl and Trinity Necklace. Perfect for Mom[/caption] Irish Mother's day originally started out as a way to honor the Virgin Mary, traditionally people would visit their "mother church" (the church of their baptism) and bring offerings of various sorts. Soon this custom began to include one's own mother, who would be given flowers blessed at the church, small gifts, and cards. Doing Mom's chores became an especially popular way to honor her. Simnel cakes,or "mothering cakes" became a traditional gift as well. To find a traditional recipe for this go to: Surprise Mom with a special treat! This lovely tradition of "Mothering Day" had all but been forgotten by 1935, after the second World War, American servicemen revived the holiday in Ireleand, while the Americans kept their celebration on the second Sunday of May, the Irish revival continued on the fourth Sunday of Lent. [caption id="attachment_723" align="alignright" width="130"]mother's day gifts Mona Tartan Bag in Violet[/caption] Wherever you are, moms are special. In Weston, Mother's Day is extra special! It falls on the day right after our Second Saturdays, where our stores stay open late with samples of food and drinks from all over town, specials in the restaurants, and perfect gifts. If you want to treat her to an entire weekend, our bed and breakfasts are a great way to give her a respite from her daily routine, and be pampered.

 The Celtic Ranch has  a special party the Saturday before, with gifts for the first 25 moms to come in, and complimentary treats all

mother's day Celtic Ranch Whiskey Snug Our Brand New Whiskey Snug![/caption]

day! Moms always take care of others first, so we put her first here at The Celtic Ranch. Buying a gift for Mom is easy, with our variety of jewelry, clothing, pewter, and crystal giftware, we're a hub for all things Mom! If she's a wine drinker, get her a special bottle, if she's a whiskey drinker...we've got flasks, whiskey glasses, and our brand new snug!

Have a happy Mother's Day, Mom. You earned it.


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