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    The Celtic Ranch — fairy jewelry

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    fairy-1225819_960_720 Fairies have been spoken of in whispers in Ireland for centuries. The fabled creatures are sometimes malevolent but are often portrayed as friendly if properly appeased. Fairies are mythological creatures said to have magical powers. They like to live in stone piles or cairns, in holes in trees, and underground. Legend tells us that if you make friends with the fairies near you, they will us their powers to protect you, bless you, and might even bring you gifts of food, or tend your garden. According to Encyclopedia Britannica, "while the term fairy goes back only to the Middle Ages in Europe, analogues to these beings in varying forms appear in both written and oral literature, from the SanskritFrom A E Williams fine pewter, UK A little fairy, moon and star is a perfect place for the tooth fairy to find a tooth, or to collect other teeny treasures.   gandharva (semidivine celestial musicians) to the nymphs of Greek mythology and Homer, the jinni of Arabic mythology, and similar folk characters of the Samoans, of the Arctic peoples, and of other indigenous Americans. The common modern depiction of fairies in children’s stories represents a bowdlerization of what was once a serious and even sinister folkloric tradition. The fairies of the past were feared as dangerous and powerful beings who were sometimes friendly to humans but could also be cruel or mischievous.

    Fairy myths are mainly associated with the Celtic cultures of Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall, and Wales. To this day, fairy dwellings are protected in parts of Ireland.


    There are dozens of explanations for the origins of fairies. Some believe that they are fallen

    The Irish Fairy Door available at The Celtic Ranch The Irish Fairy Door available at The Celtic Ranch

    angels who were left stuck between heaven and hell. Some believe they are spirits of the dead. According to Wikipedia "At one time it was a common belief was that fairy folklore evolved from folk memories of a prehistoric race. It was suggested that newcomers drove out the original inhabitants, and the memories of this defeated, hidden people developed into the fairy beliefs we have today. Proponents of this theory claimed to find support in the tradition that of cold iron as a charm against the fairies, which was viewed as a cultural memory of invaders with iron weapons displacing inhabitants had only flint and were therefore easily defeated."

    Kneeling Fairy With Bird, Fairy Charm Kneeling Fairy With Bird, Fairy Charm[/caption] Fairy Gardens became popular during the Victorian era and today, miniature, fairy-sized gardens and fairy doors can be found in homes and gardens across the globe. Many people also like to accessorize their gardens with fairy charms to lure fairies who, being the obsessive creatures that they are, might be inclined to pull weeds, water, and chase off unsavory characters. 


    Seesaw Fairies from A.E. Williams, the finest pewter manufacturer in the world Seesaw Fairies from A.E. Williams, the finest pewter manufacturer in the world

    The Magical Fairy Wish Door Locket

    The Story of the Magical Fairy Door Locket Once upon a time, a young maid was walking in the woods. She came upon a clearing, and in the clearing there were all sorts of beautiful flowers. There were violets, primroses, lavender, roses, daffodils, iris, tulips, and even some flowers she had never seen before. The flowers were in all colors of the rainbow (and some colors not in our rainbow). She was so enchanted with the beauty of the place she stopped to enjoy it. She sat on a little stump right in the center and daydreamed. After she had sat on the stump for a while she fell asleep, what the maiden didn’t know was that she had stumbled upon a magical place where the fairies come and go from their world to ours. Magical Fairy door locket Magical Fairy door locket[/caption] While she was asleep she dreamed that a tiny little person came from inside a tiny door located at the bottom of the very stump she sat on. The little person had wings, green skin, and a pretty twinkle in its silvery eyes. It told her it would grant her wishes, as long as she wrote them on a tiny piece of paper and placed them inside the door, or whispered them into the door. It also said she could place a picture of her true love inside, and the fairies would protect him from harm. The little fairy went back inside the door, and as it shut the maiden awoke. She stretched, and as she was preparing to leave the clearing, she noticed a sparkle on the ground. She stooped and picked up a little locket, shaped like a door. Attached to the locket there was a mysterious note that said simply “may all your dreams come true”. The maiden realized she had not been dreaming, but had, in fact, met up with a fairy. She took the magical locket, and kept it full of her wishes, and dreams, and a picture of her true love. What will you put in your fairy door?