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    Celtic Current Events — Father's Day

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    Father's Day

    Father's Day falls on June 19th this year, and it's rapidly approaching.  If you already have gifts for Dad wrapped and a day planned, you're well ahead of the game and deserve a cold drink and some sort of medal or trophy, or maybe a trophy filled with a cocktail. If you're like most of us and are only part way there, then we've got you covered. Father's Day is a day of celebration of all things Fatherhood. A day to let husbands, fathers, step-fathers, father in laws, and the men who are just always there for us know that we value them, respect them and are grateful for the time they have invested in us and our children. Father's Day presents can be tricky. If asked, Dad might say that he doesn't want anything, or maybe he wants a nap or he may even say that he has everything that he needs. Here's a pro-tip, Dad is lying. Well, he's probably telling the truth about the nap, so go ahead and plan a good hour for that. After he rests a little, that's when you present Dad with his real presents. We have some suggestions for you. You can thank us later. -Whiskey  Does Dad love whiskey? Why not upgrade Dad's cocktail a bit and buy him a bottle of Top Shelf Whiskey? We have some suggestions for you and would love to assist you in your purchase. Come check out the Whiskey Snug at the Celtic Ranch. We have an entire room filled with some of the most amazing whiskeys that man has ever made and we can help you find the perfect bottle and you can even get a sip for yourself, for quality control purposes, of course. We also have a Father's Day Whiskey Tasting  on Saturday, June 18th.  Show Dad your love with a day of Top Shelf Whiskey Tasting. This Fathers Day tasting we are pulling out everyone's favorites! The Irishman Single Malt, Tullamore Dew 12 yr Select, Green Spot Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey, Red Breast 12 yr Cask Strength Irish Whiskey and Powers Johns Lane Single Pot Still. Nothing but the best for Dad. June 18th 3PM in our upstairs formal tasting room. Complimentary cigar for each attendee. $10% off all purchases. Reservation required.   [caption id="attachment_788" align="alignleft" width="130"]The Kerry Cap from Mucros Weavers at The Celtic Ranch The Kerry Cap from Mucros Weavers at The Celtic Ranch[/caption] -A Hat Fathers wear many hats. Nurse, dishwasher, coach, chauffeur, storyteller, Tooth Fairy, chef, monster hunter, boo boo kisser, etc. Why not give Dad a hat worthy of his weary head? We have some of the finest, handmade, Irish hats and we're not shy about it. We have an entire wall of them in fact. Think of a hat like a crown for your Pop's head. This will totally make up for that time you made fun of his bald spot. You know that he had a luscious head of hair and fewer grey hairs before you came along, right?     The Kiltman Kilts Pub Kilt from the Celtic Ranch The Kiltman Kilts Pub Kilt from the Celtic Ranch[/caption] -A Kiltman Pub Kilt  Buy Dad a Kiltman Kilts Pubkilt for Father's Day and you'll have the coolest Dad around. We know, he's already the bee's knees, but now his knees can be liberated while he enjoys nature's air conditioning. Let's face it, the alternative is Dad in his tighty whities, ala Walter White. While that might entertain your friends and neighbors, sometimes Dad needs to leave the sanctity of his home to do things and pants just won't do. Plus, the Pubkilt has deep pockets for Dad's enormous keychain, a ham sandwich, his flip phone and his overstuffed wallet. You can always buy him additional pockets if he's prone to carrying around a hammer or a transistor radio.   So, come see us and take care of you and your Dad. Or, give Dad yet another macaroni collage. know, those were really cute when you were 7.

    Bring out the Celtic Warrior Side of Dad

    486523_4358821007811_1206339264_102578811_1255516196_n-1Celebrate the patriarch of the family this year with gifts that will bring out his Celtic warrior side. 1. A Celtic warrior was the man. He was fierce and competitive and downright scary on the battlefield. Alexander the Great himself must have been a wee bit intimidated by the Celts he met. Two thousand years ago, the Greek writer Strabo wrote, “The king [Alexander] received them kindly and asked them when drinking what it was that they most feared, thinking they would say himself, but that they replied they feared no one, unless it were that Heaven might fall on them.” Give dad his own flask for drinking and see how quickly he fears only Heaven itself. 2. Celtic warriors were hairy and scary. They often stripped naked in order to further intimidate their enemies. “Very terrifying too were the appearance and the gestures of the naked warriors in front, all in the prime of life, and finely built men, and all in the leading companies richly adorned with gold torques and armlets,” wrote Polybius almost 2,000 years ago. Today's warrior dad might look great naked, but is more likely to want to intimidate with a dapper shirt and a close shave. Go ahead and celebrate that he can feel fierce without stripping down. 3. Celtic warriors knew how to celebrate a victory. The Celts hosted great parties and were known to throw gold and other tributes into the waters of lakes and rivers in order to thank the gods for battlefield wins. Remind your warrior dad that there is always time for a party and always something to celebrate. You might even splurge on a gold tribute just for him. Only remind him not to go crazy and toss it into the river. 4. Celtic warriors loved their kilts. Though fighting naked seemed to have its advantages, later generations of soldiers from the British Isles adopted the versatile and stylish kilt as their uniform. The thick fabric skirts were useful for protection on the battlefield, warmth against the elements, and comfort when used as bedding for the night.

    Lucky for today's warrior dad, a kilt is still fashionable, versatile, and just as comfortable when relaxing with some whiskey as when ambushing the enemy.