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    The Romance of ShanOre Irish Handcrafted Celtic Jewelry

    ShanOre Jewelry stone set Celtic Knot Pendant ShanOre Jewelry stone set Celtic Knot Pendant We love Celtic jewelry at The Celtic Ranch. Love. It. We love all the knots, the braids, the crosses, the Claddaghs, stones, pearls and just all of it! ShanOre Irish Handcrafted jewelry have been creating timeless pieces since 1979, their engagement ring, claddagh ring, and Tara's Diary collections of Celtic jewelry are among some of the most sought after, not only for their beauty of design, but also for their craftsmanship and modern take on tradition. ShanOre's collection of Celtic wedding rings for men and women are among some of the most elegant and unique, they offer many different options of metal and diamonds, and for those who like a simpler look they make a variety of Celtic knot rings which can be wrought in silver, gold, and white gold. Claddagh rings are a Celtic jewelry staple. Traditionally Irish, but many people who are not Irish have taken up the tradition as well, because "Love, Loyalty, Friendship" transcends nationality. ShanOre is famous for making some of the prettiest Claddagh ring designs in the industry. They also make the Claddagh symbol into pendants and earrings of all sizes, many designed to coordinate with their rings which make an elegant statement when worn as a set. Trinity knots, also called simply Celtic knots, have no beginning or end, representing infinite love, possibility, and connection in a spiritual or romantic sense. Trinity knots are widely represented in ShanOre's designs among our favorites is this simple, elegant ring expertly crafted in sterling silver. Another favorite is the trinity pearl set, which includes a ring, pendant, and earrings of a trinity knot graced at the end with a single pearl. Celtic crosses are unique in their symbology, decorated with Claddaghs, knots, and depictions of events in the Bible, each design is singular and widely used in Celtic jewelry. ShanOre creates some of the most interesting and ornate pieces, including a St. Brigid's cross that has become a customer favorite.ShanOre birthstone Claddagh ring ShanOre birthstone Claddagh ring[/caption] We can't leave without discussing the tree of life, another traditional symbol widely used in Celtic jewelry. ShanOre's remarkable tree designs respect the historical aspects of the tree joining heaven and Earth, uniting the worlds, while bringing to them a modern touch. You can see why ShanOre is one of our favorite Celtic jewelry lines, the pieces we've shared here are a very small part of their entire collection. Come to the shop or visit our website and see our extensive collection, and watch our video of a Claddagh ring being made.

    Catch Him if You Can

    IMG_6470It is impossible to think of St. Patrick’s Day or Ireland without envisioning a wee little man dressed in green protecting his pot o’ gold beneath the rainbow. Leprechauns are as Irish as lads and lassies. While they are usually depicted as smiling, ginger-haired elves whose eyes twinkle with just the right amount of holiday mischief, the truth is that Leprechauns are best left alone. They drink heavily, are expert liars, and consider humans so greedy that they choose to avoid us at all costs. Sure, catching one means you are entitled to his treasure, but the little boogers are experts at tricking you out of both the gold and your sanity. A far better idea is to catch them and cook them. Delicious! You will need:

    • 1 large leprechaun or two small leprechauns
    • 5 bottles Irish whiskey
    • 1 cup malt vinegar
    • 4 gold pieces
    • 1 cup salt
    • 3 TBSP parsley
    Place the gold pieces and 3 bottles of whiskey in a large container with a strong lid. When the leprechauns crawl in to get the gold, shut the lid tight. The Leprechauns will self-marinate by drinking the whiskey. Allow them to sit in the container for 24 to 48 hours. After the 24 to 48 hours is up, remove the Leprechauns from the container. They will be drunk and truculent. Allow them to punch one another, as this will tenderize the meat. After they pass out, brush them with the malt vinegar and sprinkle with salt and parsley. Place on grill for 30 minutes, turning after 15. Serve with Colcannon potatoes and the other two bottles of whiskey. Drink a lot because, after all, you're eating Leprechaun. And that takes some liquid courage.