What Is A Whisky Ambassador?

Celtic Ranch Whiskey Snug What is a Whisky Ambassador? According to insidejobs.com "A Whiskey Ambassador is a smooth talker who specializes in promoting hard-hitting liquor. The job of a Whiskey Ambassador is to serve as the public face of a whiskey brand." However, with the ever-increasing popularity of whisky and whiskey around the globe, Whisky Ambassadors are in high demand, and whether they are simply hobbyists with a passion for liquid sunshine or travelling spokespeople for a brand, Whisky Ambassadors need to be trained and certified in their field. That's where the Whisky Ambassador programme comes in. The Whisky Ambassador programme is the only accredited training course direct from the UK about all things whisky. It is a fun and interactive one-day training programme covering history, distillation, distillery locations and areas of Scotland, nosing and tasting, mixers and cocktails, other world whiskies with a practical and written exam. The Celtic Ranch is an official training facility. All exams are sent to Scotland for grading and successful applicants will get their whisky ambassador license from Scotland. A great day of learning about one of America’s new favorite pastimes! So, if you have a passion for whisky and would like to impress your friends or maybe pursue a new career path, we're your only local, accredited training location. unnamed If you are interested in this one-day training and testing event, we'd love for you to join us. We have two dates open at the moment, July 23rd, 2016 and October 15th, 2016. 7/23 Whisky Ambassador 10/15/16 Whisky Ambassador

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