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A Story of True Love for Valentine's Day

Jospeh and Grace broken hearted In 1915 Joseph Mary Plunkett joined the Irish Republican Brotherhood and quickly rose in rank to become a leader of the Easter Rising of 1916. Joseph had contracted Tuberculosis at an early age and struggled with poor health all of his life.  Joseph was well educated and even wrote a book of poetry.  One of his poems was incorporated into a song about his relationship with his wife, Grace.    In 1916 shortly before the Rising, Joseph was taken to the hospital to undergo surgery to the glands in his neck. He practically crawled from his hospital bed with bandages still on his neck to join the other leaders in the General Post Office. Several days later after heavy shelling and running low on ammunition the GPO was surrendered. Joseph was taken and held at the Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin to be court martial. His poor health was never an issue to the British who quickly sentenced him to execution by firing squad. Seven days before the execution was to be carried out he was allowed to marry his long time sweetheart Grace Gifford. They were allowed one kiss and 10 minutes to talk with guards all around them in a small room. On May 04, 1916 Joseph Mary Plunkett was shot in the court yard of the Kilmainham Gaol. So ended the life of one of Ireland's bravest patriots. Grace Gifford Plunkett died in Dublin on December 13, 1955. Grace had never remarried.   Please listen to this moving story in song by Wolftones:Click here to hear - Wolf Tones - Grace
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