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    Bringing in the May

    Bringing in the May
    May 1st is a new quarter day in the Celtic calendar – Beltaine (say BYEL-tin-uh) – a fire festival to celebrate “the force that drives the green fuse through the flower,” to quote Welsh poet Dylan Thomas. It’s a time of brilliance and heat. It was on Betaine that St Patrick lit a fire on the Hill of Slane near Tara in defiance of the High King as a sign of the New Faith succeeding the old religion.

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    Cathain nach 'máthair' í 'an mháthair'?

    Cathain nach 'máthair' í 'an mháthair'? Translated means "when is a mother not a mother?" I am not sure that this is ever the case. What I do know is Mother's Day is May 14th and that will be here quicker than a leprechaun can hide his gold. In Ireland the father was always looked upon as the protector and the bread winner. The mother was in charge of the home and raising the children. Often the Irish families were very large and the wife/mother had a huge task with little or no help. It is because of her love and devotion that the mother is so revered.  The mothers cleaned the house, did the laundry, found the time to do the shopping and cooked the meals.  She also set the religious example by attending church/mass nearly every day.  In her 'spare time' she would also take in sewing and laundry to help pay the rent or simply helped in the fields.  These saintly women would not have time to watch a soap opera even if they had a television but they always had time for their families. Take the time this year to remember your Mam, Mom, Mammy, Ma, Mommy or Mother. You can do it with a card, candy, flowers, a trip to her favorite restaurant or a meaningful piece of jewelry. It doesn't matter to her how you remember her but trust me it does matter that you remember.




    Lee River - Where is it? What is it?

    Lee River is located on the northern end of the City of Cork and flows into Cork Harbor that opens to the Atlantic Ocean. The City of Cork was founded by the Vikings and grew because the Lee River was navigable and helped bring trade to this area. Today the City of Cork is over 125,000 people and with the tourist trade booming there, it is home to 70 hotels.  It is also famed for being the home of Michael Collins.

    In 1985 in a small factory just south of the Lee River the Lee River Leather Goods company was founded. Since then they have been turning out hand made belts, buckles, billfolds and bracelets. Like most things made by the Irish their products are extremely well done and their popularity has grown on that reputation. The recent increase in the Lee River brand led Terry Kast to recently add a special section to the Celtic Ranch just for Lee River customers. I personally have several Lee River belts and buckles they are both attractive and wear well. Now that summer is just around the corner stop in and check out this display. While you are at it grab a free cup of Irish tea or drop by the Whiskey Snug and ask your host to serve you up the drink of the day. Slainte.

    Graduation Time is Near

     Seems like there is someone graduating each year from high school or college and I used to struggle with gift ideas. Several years ago I became acquainted with a line of Celtic jewelry carried by Terry at The Celtic Ranch. It is rich looking, well designed and priced within my budget. It is also nice because you can buy a gift that will always remind the recipient of you. The men's jewelry looks masculine and is heavy enough to make you feel confident it will standup to everyday wear.

    The women's jewelry is just plain beautiful. Who is this designer and what is the name of his jewelry? It is Keith Jack.

    The C. R. carries several of Keith's award winning designs and you can also look at their stock on the internet at http://www.celticranch.com. Whether you purchase one of these pieces of beautiful jewelry for yourself or as a gift, you will not be disappointed. Check them out online but better yet, stop by and feel the weight and see the quality up close.

    Saol fada agus breac-shláinte chugat.