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Are you Irish only once a year?

At least once a year on March 17th everyone is Irish or wants to be. It might be just to wear your seven-celtic-nations-copyfavorite Irish T-Shirt or maybe an excuse to drink a few extra pints of Guinness. If you don’t have a direct connection to your Irish ancestry you may be able to check it out through or a site for tracing your DNA. You don’t think you really have to be Irish to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day do you? In truth all the Celts seem to celebrate St. Patrick’s day in the USA. Well, what is a Celt then you may ask? There are actually seven Celtic nations though six are better known. Ireland is best known obviously, followed by Scotland and Wales. My family name is Welsh but I also have Scot (not Scotch that is a tape or a whiskey) and Irish ancestry. You, could also be from the Celtic blood lines if you have ancestry from the Isle of Man, Brittany, Cornwall, or Galicia. If you trace your lines of heritage you may even find you have royalty in your lineage. If you do and find you own a castle be sure to invite us for a visit. Famed as the Irish saint who drove the snakes from Ireland, St. Patrick was in fact a Welshman. He was taken as a slave to Ireland as a young boy and escaped years later and returned to England. He then became a priest and took the message of Jesus Christ back to Ireland around 420 A.D. because he spoke the language. If you want to learn your more of Irish history it is easy to do now. First, you can go to Youtube, second by listening to the CD.s entitled “Irish Ways” by Ron Kavana or you can find many fascinating books to read. If you live in the Kansas City area you can also visit the Kansas City Irish Center in the Union Station, KCMO. If you find you are truly Irish, then be proud. Your ancestors sacrificed their lives to make Ireland free after 800 years of British rule, living through war and starvation. These strong people brought their courage and strong work ethics to our shores to help make America great.


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