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Kansas City's Own - The Elders Band

The-Elders-Group-Photo-640x345Have you ever heard Kansas City's world famous Elders Band? The Elders Band was founded in 1998. Since their founding they have released seven studio albums, four live albums and three DVD's. This world famous six piece Irish American Folk Band will be touring around the U.S. from March until October so you should find them near you sometime. The band members are Ian Byrne (Vocals & Bodhran), Norm Dahlor (Bass, Mandolin, Keyboard, & Vocals), Brent Hoad (Violin, Keyboard & Vocals), Steve Phillips (Guitar, Mandolin, Keyboard & Vocals), Kian Byrne (Drums, Percussion, Mandolin, & Bass) and Diana Ladio (Violin). This band is loaded with talent and their music is powerful to say the least. Truly they are one of the best bands in this genre.  You can visit their website to download their schedule. Here is a sample of their music: Chieftains wanderinlife-times-sm If you were wondering why the band is touring the U.S. only until October it's because they will be touring Ireland October 16 thru 27th.  It looks like a great tour and if you are interested in touring with them you can AND the price is affordable. You can find information for this grand tour at:  
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