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The author, deep in thought. Probably about whiskey. The author, deep in thought. Probably about whiskey. Have you ever wondered just how Irish the Celtic Ranch blogger is? Let's meet the blogger and ask some important questions: 1. So how Irish are you? Susanna Bartee: Not very. Though DNA tests on both parents do show a heavy British Isles influence, I'm afraid it's more English than anything else. If it helps, I have been married 25 years to a man so Irish that I can't believe he doesn't have an accent. He does look mighty fine in a kilt though. Oh, and I spent six days in Ireland in 2006. I think it's time to go back. 2. Then what qualifies you to write about all things Celtic? SB: I've spent most of my career writing on things I don't know all that much about. I really love (nerd alert) to research. And everything about Ireland's history, culture, and craftsmanship is fascinating. Writing about the Celtic lands is the next best thing to being there. Did I mention I want to go back soon? 3. So how did you end up with this job? SB: It may have something to do with how often we frequent The Celtic Ranch's brick and mortar store in Weston. The whole family has wish lists (mine = sweaters, boots, and pewter) and it's one of the first places we take all of our visitors. If you don't already appreciate Ireland, give it a few minutes for the beautiful treasures and the beautiful redheads employed there to work their magic. 4. What's a topic you can't wait to write about? SB: Women and whiskey. I was born and raised in Texas so I've always wanted to be the cowgirl who bellies up to the bar and demands a shot of whiskey. It just sounds so fantastically tough. But I'm not an adventurous drinker so it remained just a fantasy until I attended my first whiskey tasting at The Celtic Ranch last year. One sip and I actually did feel fantastically tough. Now I want to know more about the women who make it and the women who drink it. Also I think I this calls for buying a new pair of boots. 5. So basically you're a redheaded-whiskey-drinking-Irish-living wannabe? SB: Exactly.

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