Smartin’ Yourself Up at The Celtic Ranch

There’s never been a better time to head to Weston, Missouri and stop at The Celtic Ranch. A bit o’ the white stuff lingers on the ground, but we’ve scooped a path just for you!

We are featuring all Irelands Eye Knitwear and Keith Jack Jewelry starting Monday, February 18 through Saturday, March 16. Make a purchase and get 10% off any item from these fine crafters.

Like most of the items we carry, our support of these makers is as much about their story as it is about the quality of their product.

Irelands Eye Knitwear is one of Ireland’s top manufacturers. The O’Sullivan family has been involved in creating high quality 100% natural Irish clothing pieces from their home base in Dublin since 1968. “We inherited a very strong sense of how our business should be run, including a preference for using natural yarns that are simply nicer to wear. Our vision has always been that an Irelands Eye sweater should be a cocoon of warmth to shield you from the elements and that a garment is worth nothing if it is not supremely comfortable – just as comfortable at the end of a long day as at the start of a great night out – a perfect fusion of style and functionality.” Come check out this seasons NEW colors and some of the lighter-weight transitional pieces that Terry and Cara selected at the trade show in Dublin in January. Named for a rugged little island off the coast of County Dublin, Irelands Eye stands as a testament to courage, vision and remarkable dedication. During an era when many weavers were going out of business, Irelands Eye flourished. Hear the story first-hand at

Keith Jack has long been The Celtic Ranch’s most popular jeweler. A native of Scotland, Keith now lives in Canada. He spent a lifetime working in the jewelry business, but it was the birth of his two children that ignited his creative passion and led him to build his own line. “Keith draws inspiration from the raw beauty of the Scottish and Irish landscapes. Each of his collections offers something unique that he has seen in a hidden mountain loch, the grey sky over the glen or the ripples on a sandy beach. Inspiration becomes design.” His pieces are enchanting, many of them with hidden functions – like his day and night pieces that reverse for a different look. He has no fewer than 30 collections with titles like “Secret Ogham,” “Celtic Heart,” “Faerie Pools,” “Tree of Life,” and “Dragon Weave.” He has a classy variety of rings for both gents and ladies that are a meaningful choice as wedding bands. There is a great range of price points with some of his designs available in sterling silver, 10k gold or a combination of sterling set with 10K or 18K gold. For example, in his “Norse Forge” collection, you can find a rings starting at $124, earrings at $79 and pendants at $144. Peruse his collection at then come by the Ranch to try them on in person. We are proud to bring you the best of fine Celtic craftsmanship that lasts a lifetime… and you don’t even need a passport!


Lori McAlister,

Wrangler of Cultural Affairs

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