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    The Celtic Ranch — celtic jewelry

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    Smartin’ Yourself Up at The Celtic Ranch

    Smartin’ Yourself Up at The Celtic Ranch

    We are featuring all Irelands Eye Knitwear and Keith Jack Jewelry starting Monday, February 18 through Saturday, March 16. Make a purchase and get 10% off any item from these fine crafters. Like most of the items we carry, our support of these makers is as much about their story as it is about the quality of their product.

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    Blessings of Brighid – Goddess and Saint

    saint brigid cross
    Brighid (BREE’yid) or Brigit is also the patron saint of Ireland, second only to Saint Patrick. She represents a powerful presence in the land and Celtic lore. As goddess, she was Brid (or Bride – the inspiration of our word for a woman in a marriage ceremony) daughter of the Dagda (the Good God) of the sacred Tuatha de Dannan. Her influence shines through time and has not been dimmed with the coming of Christianity. The new faith embraced her as the nursemaid and foster mother of Christ himself, sometimes calling her “Mary of the Gael.”

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    Graduation Time is Near

     Seems like there is someone graduating each year from high school or college and I used to struggle with gift ideas. Several years ago I became acquainted with a line of Celtic jewelry carried by Terry at The Celtic Ranch. It is rich looking, well designed and priced within my budget. It is also nice because you can buy a gift that will always remind the recipient of you. The men's jewelry looks masculine and is heavy enough to make you feel confident it will standup to everyday wear.

    The women's jewelry is just plain beautiful. Who is this designer and what is the name of his jewelry? It is Keith Jack.

    The C. R. carries several of Keith's award winning designs and you can also look at their stock on the internet at Whether you purchase one of these pieces of beautiful jewelry for yourself or as a gift, you will not be disappointed. Check them out online but better yet, stop by and feel the weight and see the quality up close.

    Saol fada agus breac-shláinte chugat.

    Celtic Crosses

    celtic-899427_960_720Celtic Crosses are one of the more ubiquitous symbols in Ireland and throughout IrishMullingar Pewter Celtic Cross Mullingar Pewter Celtic Cross[/caption] history. Legend has it that St. Patrick introduced the cross to Ireland, combining the traditional cross with the nimbus, the Pagan symbol of the sun to help the converts understand the importance of the cross. Others believe that the Celtic cross predates Christianity. Either way, it's undoubtedly Celtic. Celtic Christians erected high crosses, large, intricate stone crosses in churchyards and cemeteries throughout Ireland, Britain, and ShanOre Sterling Silver Emerald and Diamond Celtic Cross ShanOre Sterling Silver Emerald and Diamond Celtic Cross[/caption] mainland Europe, but the Protestant Reformation in Britain and Europe led to the removal and destruction of most of the ancient stone crosses. Keith Jack Oxidized Sterling Silver and Gold Cross Keith Jack Oxidized Sterling Silver and Gold Cross In the 1800's, Ireland underwent a Celtic Revival, and with the new sense Celtic pride, preservation of historic landmarks, and Celtic crosses became a priority. New crosses were built as the ancient symbols regained popularity, and today it is a symbol of Celtic Identity, as well as a sacred symbol. cross-549439__180           Fado Celtic Cross Fado Celtic Cross[/caption] The tradition of Celtic crosses lives on today in the form of tattoos, garden statuary, and jewelry. Did I mention jewelry? We have some of the finest Celtic crosses made in Ireland, here at the Celtic Ranch. With names like Keith Jack, ShanOre, Fado, and Mullingar, you won't find better quality, fine Irish silver, gold, platinum, and pewter Celtic crosses anywhere else.

    The Tree of Life

    tree-338211__180 Tree of Life Cluster Pendant with green accents Tree of Life Cluster Pendant with green accents The tree of life is such an evocative symbol that is neither masculine nor feminine. It is revered by all faiths and seems to tug at the spirit, reminding us that we're connected to the earth, to the sky, and to all mankind. It's a primitive symbol that can be found in every culture, on almost every continent. Maybe it's because it's such a simple symbol, one of the first things most children draw, something that we all recognize and connect An 1847 depiction of the Norse Yggdrasil as described in the Icelandic Prose Edda by Oluf Oulfsen Bagge An 1847 depiction of the Norse Yggdrasil as described in the Icelandic Prose Edda by Oluf Oulfsen Bagge[/caption] with, or maybe it's because trees are life sustaining, creating the very oxygen we breathe and the fruit that we enjoy. Perhaps it harkens back to our primate nature that we found comfort in the security of trees, where we were safe from saber tooth tigers. Whatever it is, the tree of life speaks to us. The tree of life is a sacred symbol in most of the world's religions. Zoroastrians, Jews,Gilded tree of life doors in Chotyniec Poland Christians, Muslims, Bahai's, Hindus, Buddhists, Taoists, Mormons, Pagans, Wiccans, and many Native American tribes all have a tree of life of some sort in their traditions. The Celtic Tree of Life or Crann Bethadh in Gaelic is one of the more prominent ancient Druid symbols that found it's way into modern iconography. The Druids believed that the tree of life was a link between heaven and earth, theKeith Jack Sterling Silver and 18k gold Tree of Life pendant Keith Jack Sterling Silver and 18k gold Tree of Life pendant[/caption] dead and the living. The ancient Celts worshiped trees and recognized that trees provided shelter, food, firewood, warmth, etc. In Celtic culture, it was forbidden to clear an entire area of trees and they would always leave one sacred tree standing in the center of their communities. The Celts believed that trees were their ancestors and the most sacred tree of all, the oak, called "daur" (root word of door) was believed to be the Axis Mundi or center of the earth. The word Druid literally means "Oak Seeing" or "Oak Knower" .   Whatever your heritage, religion, politics, race or gender may be, we are all united by the tree of life. When you wear a tree of life necklace, you carry a link to all of human history, to life, death, the earth and sky next to your heart. It's comforting. It's home.