The Quiet Man - Drink it; Watch it; or Both?

Every year as St. Patrick's Day nears the Academy Award winning movie The Quiet Man returns once again to television. Now you can even watch it 365 via YouTube. Sometimes it is hard to get enough of a good thing and this movie is truly a good thing. It is so good in fact that it won Academy Awards for Best Director (John Ford) and Best Supporting Actor (Victor McLaglen)   Now in the "spirit" of all good things Irish a new whiskey named for the movie has been released. The Quiet Man whiskey is now available at the Whiskey Snug inside The Celtic Ranch in Weston, Missouri. Here is a quick review of this quiet little drink that will bring the Irish out of you this St. Pat's Day. Vital Stats: 40% ABV (80 proof), aged 8 years, single malt Irish whiskey, Appearance: Golden amber reminiscent of light tea, fairly strong legs in the glass. Nose: Significant amount of oak, malt, citrus rind. Barreled in Oak and finished in Bourbon Barrels. Palate: Very fruity, apricot, banana, malty sweetness, slight amount of  bitter orange peel and cinnamon. Finish: Surprising amount of spice towards the finish, mostly clove and allspice with a hint of cinnamon. Medium to light burn which fades nicely. It is bold enough for a man and still mild enough for the ladies. This year you can throw another peat brick on the fire and watch The Quiet Man while enjoying a sip of The Quiet Man at the same time. Sláinte!

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