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Irish Ladies Wool Newsboy Cap

Color: Black

Ladies Wool Newsboy Cap

Ladies Irish newsboy cap that is stylish and flattering. The colors are vivid and the bow on the side gives a feminine edge. The small area of elastic in this woolen cap for women makes it one size fit all. Mucros women's Irish cap is made in Ireland by Mucros weavers in Killarney. Affordable luxury by Mucros Weavers. 
  • One size fits most
  • Available in several styles and colors
Material - 100% Wool

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Staci D
Best hat ever

It's warm enough for cool days and cool enough for warm days. Plus I get so many compliments on how cute it looks on me. Love that my dad and I got hats at the Weston MO store and could walk out wearing them!

That's such a cool story! Glad we could have a model pair like you two to strut your stuff in Weston! YOU make a BIG difference for a small business. Appreciate your kinds words and support.

Elizabeth Cotten
Love it!

Its warm, tight, but not too tight, and looks adore me on me!

Elizabeth I bet you really rock that hat! Great choice made with love from Killarney! Thank you for your support of our small business! It truly matters!

Stay warm and dry with style

I love this all wool cap. It's great for keeping my head dry during frequent light Portland rains.
(Verified Amazon Customer Review 3/3/2018)

H. Edwards
Five Stars

This is an absolutely adorable cap. I love it and got lots of compliments!
(Verified Amazon Customer Review 9/10/2018)

Erin Cooney-Lefort
Authentic Irish Wool Cap - Super cute & Delicious

Well-made cap. Saw it first in a shop in Galway, IE ... Needless to say, our dog ate it when we returned home! Delighted to find it here on Amazon
(Verified Amazon Customer Review 12/22/2016)

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