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Pewter Shot Glass Holder & Glass

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Shot Glass and Pewter Holder 

Taking shots has never looked this sophisticated! These gorgeously crafted shot glass holders serve as a silver throne for your shot glass. Quite the majesty if you ask us!

A pewter design of which wraps itself around the shot glass and is able to be released so that the glass can be washed. These specific designs each consists of beautifully crafted pewter which will bring the conversation to any dinner party or gathering. 

  • Please note that one shot glass holder comes with one shot glass.
  • Made in England.
  • Available in 5 styles.

Material - Pewter 

Measurement - 40 mm x 60 mm

Care Instructions

When washing the glass holders use only warm soapy water. These items are NOT dishwasher safe and will result in damaged or dull pewter. 

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