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Stag and Thistle Whisky Tumbler and Glass

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Stag & Thistle Solid Pewter Whisky Tumbler

The design consists of a beautiful Stag and Thistle design clinging to this luxurious glass. This whiskey tumbler and holder with pewter stag and thistles is sure to make a statement when used to serve fine liquor at any dinner party or gathering and will definitely get people talking. 

  • Made in the UK by AE Williams
  • Features a removable glass holder with a traditional Scottish design, hand finished finished in fine heavy-weight pewter
  • One whisky glass included

Measurement - 7.5 cm tall x 8.5 cm wide (3" x 3.5")

Material - British pewter and crystal

Care Instructions

  • When washing the Whisky Tumbler, please only use warm soapy water
  • This item is not dishwasher safe and will result in damaged and dull pewter.  
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